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We understand that most of the authors and books featured on our site are unfamiliar to most people today. After decades of researching, reading, and writing about the books, essays, and other works that were most influential on the Founding Generation, we are excited to share these mostly forgotten words with modern friends of liberty. 

We call this effort “The Founders Recipe” because we believe that if people today follow the instructions left by our Founders and using the ingredients they used, we have a good chance of becoming men and women like they were: virtuous, vigilant, and wise.

As our entire mission is to make these books and the great wisdom they contain available to everybody, if any of you has questions about the authors, their books, or why they were so influential on our Founding Generation, please contact us and we’ll quickly and happily respond. We publish many books that aren’t easily found and at prices that cannot be matched. And, to show your love of liberty and the authors who promoted it, we offer t-shirts, wristbands, and other “Teacher of Liberty” and “Founders Recipe” merchandise.

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Which authors are in the Founders Recipe?

Here are some of the authors that our Founding Fathers studied from.
Can you recognize a few?

What do the authors say?

“Now, therefore, my best friends, is the time to help yourselves: Now act honestly and boldly for liberty, or forget the glorious and charming sound.”

Trenchard and Gordon

“… [W]hen they came to fight for themselves… they gave such testimonies of bravery… and settled such a discipline, as produced others like to them, or more excellent than they, as long as their liberty lasted.”

Algernon Sidney

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